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Canadian Citizenship Test tutorials with over 150 citizenship practice questions including:

  • Canadian History
  • Canadian Symbols
  • Canadian Institutions and Government
  • Canadian Values
  • How to Take a Test
  • and a lot more!

Canada Citizenship

Study Guide Contents

Getting Started
Eligibility 7
Oath of Citizenship 12

Who we are
Our Ancestors 13
Diversity 16

Our History

Canada Today

Canada’s Government

Canada’s Symbols

Canada’s Regions

Canada Citizenship Practice Questions Set 1
Answer Key 69

Canada Citizenship Practice Questions 2
Answer Key 96

How to Prepare for a Test
Mental Preparation for a test 106

How to Take a Test
Reading the Instructions 108
How to Take a Test 109
In the Test Room 114
Avoid Anxiety Before a Test 120
Common Mistakes 122


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  • How to make a Study Plan and Study Schedule
  • Practice Test Questions includes, Canadian history, Values, Institutions and Values, Symbols, Citizen Rights and responsibilities, Geography, Cultural History, Political and Military History
  • And a Lot More!

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