Compass and ASSET College Placement Tests

The ASSET test is an entry-level Course Placement exam for English, reading and mathematics.

Results from the ASSET and COMPASS course placement exams can determine what courses you can register for at the college or university of your choice.

Both the ASSET test and COMPASS course placement exams were designed to help you succeed at college. The results of these test along with your other academic records, will help you and your advisor determine which courses are best for your current level of knowledge. Studies have shown that the more successful your first year of college is, the more likely you are to graduate.

The ASSET test is administrated by the American College Testing Corporation, the same people who developed the ACT exam. The ASSET test has four parts to it and last approximately three to three and half hours to take. The four parts are writing, reading and two mathematics. There are several sections for the reading and writing portion of the test and each student must choose two of the three mathematics tests depending on your most recent math classes from high school. They are Numerical skills, Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra.   ASSET practice questions are here.

If you have only had pre-algebra and not passed an algebra course, take the numerical skills portion of the test. If you have successfully completed a year or two of high school algebra, then the intermediate algebra test is the right one for you. If you have completed two years of algebra and one year of pre-calculus or trigonometry, than the college algebra portion of the test is right for you.

The COMPASS test is much more than a series of tests; it is a comprehensive testing system. Offering computer-adaptive and Internet delivered tests and helps you to place your students into the appropriate courses. It also maximizes the information post secondary schools need to ensure a students success. Using the latest technology, COMPASS measures a student’s skill in reading comprehension, writing and mathematics. Then it provides, fast, accurate results to help you make the correct placement decision.

The COMPASS test may help those students whose ACT exam scores are older than three years. If you apply to a college and your ACT test scores are older than three years, the college can place you in any course that the ACT test scores recommends. You can accept this, or you can challenge it. If you decide to challenge this, you can take the COMPASS test which will help you and your adviser to determine which courses you belong in at the current time.

In the COMPASS test, you will not be asked to write an essay in the written portion of the test. You will, however, are asked to find and correct basic grammatical errors, such as usage and sentence structure. Also, you will be deciding, based on your knowledge or organization, strategy and style of effective writing if the essay is any good.

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