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There are test centers at Morris, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Union and Sussex\ncounties in Rockland County New Jersey.
Not exactly. However, if you apply early you have a better chance at getting the COOP test site you want.
YES. There are some restrictions - you have to be 'ill' or have ''valid'' reason, and there are small extra fees.
No calculators can be used or any other electronic devices including cell phones. Highlighters are not permitted. The exam is 2 and 1/2 hours with no break.
The Cooperative Admissions exam percentile measures your score in relation with score of other students that took the exam. Your school of choice requires that you pass at least 70's of those who took the exam.
Each high school admission office determines the acceptable pass requirements. Passing the exam is just part of the school's admission requirements. Please contact the school your are applying to for more information.
The COOP is a standardized test that is acceptable by all catholic high schools. It is necessary because different schools use different assessment, teaching and curricula standards. High schools thus would use your daughter''s results to determine if the she can fit into the school. The exam points out her strengths and weaknesses.
The COOP Exam does not allow calculators, calculator watches or any electronic devices.

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