CRA Writing Skills Test Overview

The CRA Writing Skills test assesses an individual’s primary skills in capitalization, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence construction, and grammar.  The test has one hundred and six 4-choice multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 90 minutes. One point is awarded for every correct answer, and no points are deducted for wrong answers.

The CRA Writing test is divided into five categories that test the following areas;


The spelling section has 20 questions with two types of questions. The first asks a candidate to select the word spelled incorrectly in the options provided. The second section, candidates must  select the word that is spelled correctly from the given options.


The grammar section has 25 multiple-choice questions, with two types of questions.  The first, candidates are asked to select an option that makes a sentence or part of a sentence grammatically correct.

The second, candidates are given an introductory sentence and four options that have similar meaning. Candidate must select the sentence that has a similar meaning and is grammatically correct.


The vocabulary section has 25 multiple-choice questions, with two types of questions.   Candidates must choose the word with the same meaning as the word in bold, or fill in the blank.

Punctuation and Capitalization

The punctuation and capitalization section has 15 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are asked to select the sentence that is correct.  Some sentences may contain multiple errors; some will have a single error, and others will have no errors.

Sentence Sequencing

This sentence sequencing section has 20 multiple-choice questions. A candidate is given four sentences to be organized in the most logical sequence to develop a paragraph that makes sense.