CritiCall Dispatcher Practice Questions

More Free Practice Questions

Map Reading

Practice map reading and finding the most efficient route

Map Reading Practice

Reading Comprehension & Summarization

Find information in written passages

Summarize written passages

Spelling and Grammar


Sentence Clarity

Spelling Practice

Memory and Recall

Memory and Recall questions give a series of information or a picture, which you study for a few minutes.  Then answer questions based on the information from memory.

Memory and Recall Practice

CritiCall Practice and Test Prep

You Receive:
  • A multi-tasking feature (New)
  • Speed typing test practice (New)
  • 5 Decision-making tests
  • 15 Data entry tests
  • 4 Memory recall tests
  • 10 Map reading tests
  • 15 Checking tests
  • 15 Reading comprehension tests
  • 8 Numerical tests

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Note: You will need to complete only specifically selected sections based on the preferences of the state or county where your test is held.

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