CUNY Practice Test Questions

The CIty University of New York (CUNY) test has 3 sections, Mathematics, Reading and and Essay

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension on standardized tests usually include:

  • Drawing logical conclusions
  • Identify the author’s intent to persuade, inform, or entertain.
  • Make predictions
  • Analyze and evaluate the use of text structure to solve problems or identify sequences
  • Identify the characteristics of a passage types (narrative, expository, technical, persuasive).
  • Give the definition of a word from context
  • Find specific information from a different types of communication (memo, posted notice etc.)

How to Write and Essay

The Essay component is 90-minutes.  You are asked to respond to a reading passage you will see for the first time


The CUNY has 2 math components – Basic Math and College Level Math

Math Practice

CUNY Test Strategy – PDF Download

CUNY Test Strategy

Winning Multiple Choice Strategies for the CUNY Assessment

 Test Strategy Complete Test strategy for the CUNY Assessment Test! Learn and practice powerful multiple choice strategies for reading comprehension, basic math and word problems!

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Getting Started
The CUNY® Exam 6
A Better Score Is Possible 7
Who does well on Multiple-Choice exams? 9

Types of Multiple-Choice
Multiple-Choice Quick Tips 13

Multiple-choice Step-by-Step

Multiple-choice Strategy Practice
Answer Key 39
Reading Comprehension Practice 52
Answer Key 66

Basic Math Multiple-Choice
Math Multiple-choice Strategy 76
Practice Questions 81
Answer Key 87
Fraction Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 93
Decimal Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 97
Percent Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 98

Word Problem Multiple-choice Strategy

Types of Word problems 103
Practice Questions 113
Answer Key 116

How to Write an Essay
Common Essay Mistakes I 129
Common Essay Mistakes II 131
Writing Concisely 133
Avoiding Redundancy 135

How to Prepare for a Test
Mental Preparation 144

How to Take a Test
Reading the Instructions 148
How to Take a Test - The Basics 149
In the Test Room – What you MUST do! 153
Common Test-Taking Mistakes 160


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