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The Diagnostic Entrance Test (DET) is a test given to students who are planning to pursue higher education.  It is composed of 148 questions divided into four major areas: Math,  Reading and Comprehension, English and Critical Thinking. The test also includes 60 additional Science questions which are optional for those who are planning to take nursing, chemical or engineering courses.

DET Test Details

The test’s objective is to assess the learning and retention of material taught in high school.

All questions are multiple choice format.
Candidates have 1-2 hours to complete the test.
The test could be taken through a computer-based format (CBE) or a pencil and paper format.  Tips on taking a computer based exam.
The test is designed to determine your weak as well as strong areas.

Test Contents

These are 5 different parts of the DET:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • English
  • Critical Thinking
  • Science (optional)

What’s on the Test!


The Diagnostic Entrance Test (DET) is given by many different institutions and each one has different rules. Best to speak directly with the Institution you will be attending.
Yes - you can take the DET twice during any school year, which is from April to March.
I am not sure if you can use a calculator on the DET - I spent some time calling and trying to find out this morning but no luck! I would contact the agency where you are going to take the exam and they can tell you.
The DET exams contain questions on 5 main areas including English, Math, Vocabulary, IQ and General knowledge.
The DET exam is a multiple choice exam. You can take the paper format or computer based test. For help with Multiple Choice - try a book like THIS
We offer study guides and practice tests - the study guide includes self-assessments for each of the content areas: Vocabulary - 40 Questions - 20 minutes English - 20 Questions - 15 minutes Math - 30 Questions - 25 minutes General Knowledge - 15 Questions - 5 minutes IQ - 10 Questions - 5 minutes Study Guide

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I did great on the exam J. S. This book definitely helped me prepare for the DET exam. The practice questions were similar to the test questions. Thanks to this book, I did great on the exam!


I wish it was more involved but it does help and offer good study advice

Helpful, I wish it was more involved but it does help and offer good study advice.


I did great on the exam
Helpful, I wish it was more involved but it does help and offer good study advice.


I'm terrible in math but reading and studying the book I'm confident within myself solving math problems.

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Getting Started
How this study guide is organized 6
The DET Study Plan 7
Making a Study Schedule 9

Reading Comprehension 
Reading Comprehension Self-Assessment
Answer Key 20
Help with Reading Comprehension 22
Main Idea, Topic and Supporting Details 24

Answer Key 36
Metric Conversion – A Quick Tutorial 40
Exponents – a Quick Tutorial 41
Fraction Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 44
Decimal Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 47
Converting Decimals to Fractions 47
Percent Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 48
How to Answer Basic Math Multiple Choice 49
How to Solve Word Problems 52
Types of Word Problems 54

Answer Key 67
English Tutorials 68
English Grammar and Punctuation Tutorials 69
Capitalization 69
Colons and Semicolons 70
Commas 71
English Grammar Multiple Choice - Verb Tense 73
Common English Usage Mistakes - A Quick Review 87
Subject Verb Agreement 93

Answer Key 108
Science Tutorials 112
Scientific Method 112
Cell Biology 114
Chromosomes, genes, proteins, RNA and DNA 117
Mitosis and Meiosis 118
Phenotypes and Genotypes 121
Heredity: Genes and Mutation 122
Heredity: Mendelian Inheritance 123
Classification 125
Chemistry 127
Basic Concepts in Chemistry 128
Basic Physics 139
Energy: Work and Power 142
Defining Force and Newton’s Three Laws 144
Force: Friction 146
Fundamental Forces: Electromagnetism 147
Fundamental Forces: Gravity 149
Fundamental Forces: Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces 150
Quantum Mechanics 152
States of Matter 154

Practice Test Questions Set 1
Answer Key 208

Practice Test Questions Set 2
Answer Key 271


Diagnostic Entrance Test Study Guide and Practice Tests

Complete Study Guide including hundreds of pages of Tutorials, Self-Assessments, 2 sets of practice test questions, Complete guide to multiple choice strategy, Complete guide to taking a test, and Practice Test Questions for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, English and Math.

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