9 Test Prep Tips

Different ways of studying for a test

Students study for tests in a variety of ways. While one student finds a particular method of study helpful, another may find it ineffective. Keep trying different things and see what works the best for you.

Studying Textbook Chapters – Three Ways to Absorb Reading Material

1. Quiz yourself while reading. Before reading each chapter, write down five questions. As you read, answers the questions.

2. Highlight. While reading, highlight significant facts in the textbook. After finishing the chapter, go back and review the highlighted portions.

3. Make Flash Cards. With seven or eight index cards in hand, review a textbook chapter. Every time you encounter an important, write it on one of the index cards. Now you have your own set of flash cards with all the important concepts and facts! More on Using Flash Cards.

Studying Lecture Notes – Three Ways to Sift Out Important Study Material

4. Go through your notes and textbooks with a highlighter to review important points. This method proves especially useful if the information is not included in the textbook.

5. Copy a summary of significant facts from your lecture notes onto a separate sheet of paper. Rewriting will refresh your memory and with regular review, over time you will retain it better.

6. Reviews your lecture notes. Then, have a friend ask questions about the notes. If you can’t answer a question, search through the lecture notes until you find it.

7. Study your Textbooks – More Tips on Studying from your textbooks.

Helpful Study Techniques

8. Make your own practice test. Writing the questions as well as answering them will help to solidify the course material in a student’s mind.

9. Write possible test questions on index cards. A friend then quizzes you with the index cards. In addition, a friend can look through your class notes and ask questions about the information. A friend’s questions may serve to clarify puzzling material.

10 popular study tips

Study Methods that work

10 exam prep tips


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  1. I like a variety – sometimes I study in coffee shops, sometimes alone in the libarry, sometimes flash cards -seems productive to shake things up and do different things

  2. I find that writing what i learn in my own words helps me remember. so after each topic or chapter, i always write down the main points of what i have read. i hardly forget them.

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