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About the Test

This test was created by the IUEC (International Union of Elevator Construction) and the National Elevator Industry. It is a joint labor and education program which is meant to create a gold standard for personnel in the industry. The test is designed to test the knowledge, skill and technical ability of candidates who wish  to be certified workers In the elevator industry.

Candidates are required to score at least 70% on the test to pass and go to the next stage, the interview. If you do not pass, you can apply to re-take the test.


To apply for this test, candidates will need to be 18 and have a high school diploma or GED certificate (See Canadian GED Here).  You will receive an exam date within 15 days of submitting your application and documentation to the IUEC.

Elevator Repair Salary

Entry level positions start at $39,000 per year

An experienced Elevator Repair Technician can make up to $114,075 per year.


Get an application form from the International Union of Elevator Contractors. Contact the branch nearest to you and fill out the form. There is no cost to take the test.

Test Format

The test is a multiple-choice test. Each section has thirty to thirty-five questions that candidates are required to answer within the allotted time.

Canadian Salary

Hourly Rate:  C$24 – C$60
Bonus:  C$50 – C$1,017
Total Pay:   C$51,896 – C$125,695

What’s on the test

The test covers three major areas/subjects. The three subjects covered are:

  • Reading Comprehension: You need a good grasp of the English language. You are given a short passage, followed by 3 or 4 questions from the passage.
  • Mechanical Comprehension: This section assess your knowledge of various mechanical concepts, such as pulleys, gears and levers.  Elevator repair is very much a mechanics oriented profession.
  • Arithmetic Computation: Basic math concepts such as fractions, decimals, and percent will be assessed. You are not permitted to use a calculator.


Scores are given based on the number of correct answers given. There is no penalty for wrong answers and the passing score is 70%. Candidates who do not reach the 70% passing score, may  re-take the examination. The scoring policy is very strict – candidates who score 69.5 which is quite close to 70 will still be asked to retake the test. Failing the test will mean the candidate is not eligible for the next stage, the interview.

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Self Assessment
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Converting Fractions to Decimals
Converting Decimals to Fractions
Percent Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Exponents: Tips, Shortcuts & Tricks
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Math Multiple Choice Strategy
Order Of Operation

Mechanical Comprehension
Self Assessment
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Mechanical Comprehension Tutorials
Gears and Gear Trains

Practice Test Questions Set 1
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