Grade 2

Patterns and Serial Reasoning

Pattern Completion: Candidates are expected to perceive patterns within larger designs from which a section or two have been removed. They are then expected to identify the correct missing piece that is missing, more like jigsaw puzzles.

Serial reasoning: students are given sequences of figures or shapes that form logical patterns. He question asks the student to apply the logical pattern to a second row of figures.


Tests with Pattern and Spatial Reasoning – Free Practice

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Spatial Ability

Spatial visualization: students are asked to determine how a design or graphic (two or more) would look when combined or rotated, folded, or altered by, for example, punching holes.

Tests with Pattern and Spatial Reasoning – Free Practice



This section is designed to measure a candidate’s understanding of words and their ability to reason verbally. These are multiple-choice questions analogies requiring a candidate to make a choice of the best pair of words for completing the analogy.


Tests with Analogy Questions


Basic Math

Basic number operations


Tests with Basic Math – Free Practice

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Basic Math Practice