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Students can only sit for the HESI test once every 60 days and only three times in a year. Some schools require that students wait for six months before retaking the HESI test.
Scores are made available immediately you finish each section of the HESI test.
Each nursing school or program would determine how many HESI modules you would need to take to enter the nursing program. You can decide to take all sections at a time but you are allowed to break the modules into two or more days.
The HESI test is delivered as a computer based test. Tips for Computer Based Tests
The HESI test is an entrance exam designed to test a candidate’s suitability to enter a nursing program at a university or college. Most nursing schools require that students take and pass the HESI test before gaining admission. The exam contains test on various subject areas like chemistry, math, vocabulary and general knowledge, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, grammar, reading comprehension, physics and biology. More information on the HESI contents
The required passing grade depends on the nursing school or program. Most schools require a score of 74% or higher.
You will need to contact Elsevier directly to request that they send your HESI results to other schools. This may take several days.
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Date Published: Monday, May 29th, 2017
Date Modified: Wednesday, May 13th, 2020