HOAE Vocabulary Practice Questions

Practice and increase your score!

Practice and increase your score!

The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) has a vocabulary section with a slightly different format than most standardized tests.  Here are some HOAE/PSB vocabulary practice questions to get up to speed.

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Practice Questions

Choose the word that is most different in meaning.

1. a. Meager b. Bare c. Scanty d. Obtuse

2. a. Memento b. Gift c. Keepsake d. Memorial

3. a. Necessary b. Optional c. Required d. Essential

4. a. Negotiate b. Bargain c. Haggle d. Scheme

5. a. Expert b. Novice c. Learner d. Beginner

6. a. Narrate b. Relate c. Obfuscate d. Tell

7. a. Negligible b. Overriding c. Unimportant d. Insignificant

8. a. Obstinate b. Irreconcilable c. Ornery d. Stubborn

9. a. Omen b. Premonition c. Unexpected d. Foreboding

10. a. Opulence b. Abundance c. Wealth d. Hoard

Answer Key

1. D
2. B
. B
4. D
. A
6. C
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. D

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  1. January 29, 2019

    These questions are very good. I think it would be more helpful if it was in a test format and it then said if it was right or wrong and why.

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