PSB HOAE Vocabulary Practice Questions

Practice and increase your score!

Practice and increase your score!

The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) has a vocabulary section with a slightly different format than most standardized tests.  Most vocabulary tests give either a word and ask for the definition, or the definition and ask for the word.   The HOAE vocabulary are a type of logic or classification question, where you are given 4 words and asked to select the word that is different from the others.
Here are some HOAE/PSB vocabulary practice questions to get up to speed.

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Vocabulary Practice Questions

Choose the word that is most different in meaning.

1. a. Meager b. Bare c. Scanty d. Obtuse

2. a. Memento b. Gift c. Keepsake d. Memorial

3. a. Necessary b. Optional c. Required d. Essential

4. a. Negotiate b. Bargain c. Haggle d. Scheme

5. a. Expert b. Novice c. Learner d. Beginner

6. a. Narrate b. Relate c. Obfuscate d. Tell

7. a. Negligible b. Overriding c. Unimportant d. Insignificant

8. a. Obstinate b. Irreconcilable c. Ornery d. Stubborn

9. a. Omen b. Premonition c. Unexpected d. Foreboding

10. a. Opulence b. Abundance c. Wealth d. Hoard

Answer Key

1. D
All choices refer to a lack or scarcity except obtuse, which means, annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.

2. B
All choices are synonyms for gift, except memorial which is in memory.

3. B
All choices are synonyms of necessary, except, B, optional.

4. D
All choices are synonyms of negotiate, except D scheme.

5. A
All choices are synonyms of novice, except expert.

6. C
All choices are synonyms of narrate, except obfuscate.

7. B
All choices are synonyms of negligible, except insignificant.

8. B
All choices are synonyms of obstinate, except ornery.

9. C
All choices are synonyms of omen, except unexpected.

10. D
All choices are synonyms of opulence, except hoard.

11. a. Speculation b. Authorization c. Conjecture d. Assumption

12. a. Hovel b. Sanctuary c. Haven d. Retreat

13. a. Venerable b. Unscrupulous c. Corrupt d. Deceitful

14.  a. Verbose b. Laconic c. Loquacious d. Garrulous

15. a. Propensity b. Susceptibility c. Proclivity d. Repugnance

16. a. Clemency b. Magnanimity c. Relentlessness d. Forbearance

17. a. Condense b. Encapsulate c. Abridge d. Distend

18. a. Hamper b. Impede c. Inhibit d. Reinforce

19. a. Ineluctable b. Unflinching c. Dauntless d. Intrepid

20. a. Ostentatious b. Surreptitious c. Clandestine d. Furtive

11. B
All choices refer to an opinion that is not based on solid facts except for authorization, which indicates the act of giving permission to someone.

12. A
All choices refer to a quiet and peaceful place, while hovel indicates a small, plain, or untidy house.

13. A
All choices describe a person who lacks moral values except for venerable, which indicates a person who enjoys the respect of others.

14. B
All choices refer to a person who talks excessively except for laconic, which means describes someone who expresses what they mean using very few words.

15. D
All choices refer to a tendency towards something except for repugnance, which indicates a strong dislike for something.

16. C
All choices refer to the quality of being lenient and forgiving except for relentlessness, which indicates inflexibility and persistence.

17. D
All choices refer to reducing something in size or expressing something in fewer words. To distend means to make an object expand, usually by applying pressure.

18. D
All choices refer to the act of blocking or preventing something except for reinforce, which means to make something stronger.

19. A
All choices describe a person who is brave and unafraid except for ineluctable, which refers to something that is unavoidable.

20. A
All choices refer to something that must be kept secret except for ostentatious, which describes something fancy meant to draw attention.

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  1. January 29, 2019

    These practice questions are very good. I think it would be more helpful if it was in a test format and it then said if it was right or wrong and why.

    • Brian Stocker
      January 29, 2020

      thanks! you can take a free quiz in our PSB HOAE online course

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