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HSPT Test Structure & Format

HSPT™ has five sections: verbal skills, mathematics, language, quantitative skills and reading.

Two and a half hours are given to complete 280 questions in multiple choice format.

Verbal skills. 60 questions – 16 minutes
Includes: Analogies, logic, antonyms,synonyms, and verbal classification.

Quantitative skills. 52 questions – 30 minutes
Includes: geometric and non-geometric comparison, Number Manipulation and Number Series.

Reading 62 questions – 25 minutes
Includes: Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

Mathematics. 64 questions – 45 minutes
Includes: Word Problems, math concepts and geometry problems

Language. 60 questions – 25 minutes.
Includes: Capitalization, grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.

Test grading and Strategy

You are not penalized for wrongs answers and so it is better to guess that to leave a question blank. HSPT™ scores range between a low score of 200 and a high score of 800. The minimum score that signifies a pass is dependent on the high school of choice. Each sets its own acceptable minimum requirement. It is possible to send a student’s scores to various high schools to improve chances of getting placement in a high school.

Complete Study Guide – PDF Download Version

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  • Practice Test Questions for Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Geometry, English Grammar, Quantitative Skills, Verbal Classification and more.
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Complete High School Placement Test (HSPT™) Study Guide including hundreds of pages of Tutorials, Self-Assessments, 2 sets of practice test questions, Complete guide to multiple choice strategy, Complete guide to taking a test, and Practice Test Questions for Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Geometry, English Grammar, Quantitative Skills, Verbal Classification and more.

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Getting Started
How this study guide is organized 6
The HSPT® Study Plan 7
Making a Study Schedule 8

Verbal Skills
Verbal Skills Self-Assessment 13
Verbal Skills Tutorials 23
Verbal Analogies and Classification Tutorial 23
Logic – A Quick Tutorial 24
Verbal Classification Tutorial 30

Quantitative Skills
Quantitative Skills Self-Assessment 34
Answer Key
Quantitative Skills Tutorials 42
Number Series Tutorial 42
Number Manipulation Tutorial 45

Reading Self-Assessment 48
Vocabulary 56
Answer Key 59
Help with Reading Comprehension 62
Main Idea and Supporting Details 64

Math Self-Assessment 73
How to Solve Word Problems 88
Types of Word Problems 90

Language Arts
English Grammar and Punctuation Tutorials 112
Capitalization 112
Colons and Semicolons 113
Commas 114
Quotation Marks 116
Common English Usage Mistakes - A Quick Review 117
Subject Verb Agreement 123

Practice Test Questions Set 1
Answer Key 183

Practice Test Questions Set 2
Answer Key 253



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