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Application Process

British Columbia takes prides in the difficulty of the recruitment program.

In addition to the written test, there is a physical test where you are required to run 2.4 kilometers in twelve minutes, an evaluation interview, a private life questionnaire, a polygraph test, medical exam and a background investigation

Salary for BC Police Officer

The average salary for a Police Officer is $92,475


To register, you must attend an information hearing at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This is the only place to get the application form. Fill out the form and submit to the police department.

There is no charge for the information session, the application form or the entrance exam

Occupational Outlook

There are approximately 300 new jobs fill every year and an expected 2,960 in the next 10 years

Work BC

Format and Contents

The JIBC Police Entrance test is a multiple choice exam with two section, English and Mathematics. The questions are grade 12 level.  The test must be completed in 2 hours.


This includes grammar, speech, comprehension and composition.


  • Basic arithmetic operations
  • Decimals, fractions and percent
  • Equations including quadratic, linear and inequalities
  • Polynomials; the candidate will be tested on the basic operations of polynomials including addition, subtractions, simplifying, factorizing.
  • Simultaneous equation
  • Proper algorithms and its applications.
  • Coordinate planes

Memory and Recall

The test is used to assess your ability to recall details.  You are shown pictures of, for example, a busy street scene, or restaurant, followed by questions about details from the pictures.

Short essay questions

In this section, you are required to write briefly answers to questions you are asked. They are mostly life application questions that would test your problem-solving ability


All sections carry equal marks. However, they are all very relevant in the acceptance . The pass mark for the test is 65%, which guarantees entry to the next level which is physical test.


For the JIBC exam, calculators are not allowed. The test emphasizes memory test and your ability to reason. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are not permitted.

Other Info

Test takers are advised to dressed decently for the exam. The test centers on memory, thinking and recall ability, problem-solving abilities, basic knowledge of mathematics and English, but also on the personality and image of the applicant.

You must be in the test venue for check in at least ten minutes before the exam starts.

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