Instructions:  Listening to the dialog and follow then script.  Then answer the listening comprehension questions and check your answer in the answer key.

Conversation 1 – Ordering at the Restaurant

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Listening and Speaking

Narrator: Carol, Tom, Sarah and Peter order dinner at Marina’s Gourmet Restaurant. The waiter is at their table.

Waiter: Hello. What would you like to have, today?

Peter: I would like to have the fish. Please.

Tom: I would like to have the steak.

Carol: I would like the fish, please.

Sarah: I like chicken. Chicken, please.

Narrator: The waiter goes to get their dinners.

Carol: The dinners are expensive!  I hope they are good.

1. What kind of restaurant are they at?

a. Gourmet
b. Hotel restaurant
c. Fast food
d. None of the above

2. What does Carol hope?

a. She hopes the dinners are not expensive
b. She hopes the dinners are good
c. She hopes the fish is fresh
d. She hopes the steak is cooked properly

3. How many people order pasta?

a. They all have pasta
b. Nobody orders pasta
c. 2 people order pasta
d. 3 people order pasta

Conversation 2 – At the Restaurant

Narrator: The waiter at Marina’s Gourmet Restaurant brings the dinners for Carol, Tom, Sarah and Peter.
Waiter: Enjoy your dinners.

Sarah: Thank you, they look good.

Peter: I like this fish.

Tom: This steak is tasty!

Carol: This fish is good!

Tom: This restaurant is expensive but I like it.

4. Does everyone enjoy their dinner?

a. Yes
b. No

5. What does the waiter say when he brings their dinners?

a. He doesn’t say anything
b. Enjoy your dinners
c. Let me know if you need anything
d. Your dinners look good

Conversation 3 – At Home

Narrator: You are at home. Your friend visits you.

Hello, please come in.

Your friend: Thanks.

You: Would you like some tea or coffee?

Your friend: I would like some tea.

You: I like tea, too.

6. Do all the friends like tea?

a. Yes
b. No

7. Where are they?

a. At home
b. At a restaurant
c. Downtown
d. At a hotel


Conversation 4 – Outside


Narrator: Sarah, Peter, Tom and Carol walk outside.  They talk about the dinner.  That is a good restaurant.

Tom: They have good music, too.

Sarah: I enjoy the music.

Tom: So do I!

Carol: The waiter is friendly, too.

Tom: It is expensive but I like it.

8. What are the friends talking about?

a. The weather
b. Work
c. The weekend
d. The restaurant


Answer Key


1. A
They are at a gourmet restaurant.

2. B
Carol hopes the meals are good because they are expensive.

3. B
Nobody orders pasta.

4. A
Yes everyone enjoys their dinner.

5. B
The waiter says, “Enjoy your dinners” when he brings them.

6. A
Yes all of the friends like tea.

7. A
They are at home.

8. D
They are talking about the restaurant.

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