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2017 – 2018 Scholarship Entry – Test Preparation Essay
Test Preparation Inc. Scholarship

Henry Nnaemeka Bernard
Ottawa, Ontario

There are various ways to apply in preparation for a test. The best method I have applied, which has always been of immense aid in my test preparation are prudently explained in this essay. Over the years, I have followed this preparation method, most especially, for a test I had difficulty understanding the subject when it was taught in class. The system I use is followed in a very meticulous way because it is reliable, it is time saving, and it is easy to remember.

Firstly, I ensure I have the course outline before the term begins because it is reliable. The course outline for each term is released before the term begins and does not change. With the knowledge that the course outline is unchanged once it is released for the term, I get the course outline of each subject that will be taught for that term. I go through them by selecting the complex topics in each course which I feel will affect my grade point average (GPA) if I do not begin to study them on time. Once I can sort this all out, I begin to study the difficult subjects, so I can be ahead before the teacher begins the course in each term. I applied this method in Physics when I was in my first year while in my first post-secondary education. I bought the textbook needed for theoretical physics and finished the book before the term began. Having the course outline before the term begins, is useful and helpful.
How to Make a Study Plan

Secondly, I study the subjects before my teachers begin teaching them because it is time saving. The idea of not having a system that works to help me prepare ahead for a test can be frightening for me. Therefore, the need to plan which saves time is required. I read my textbooks and carry out a lot of research in each course, before my lecturer begins to teach on that subject in class. This helps me to easily comprehend what I am being taught and through this, I am able to cover a wide range of the topics. This management of my time helps to me relax with the knowledge that, I have gotten the needed edge, and confidence before the lectures begins. Through this preparation method, I can know what certain terms mean and how to apply different formulas to the right equation. Time management is very important to me in my test preparation.

Thirdly, I ensure revision is done daily and weekly because it makes it easy to remember what I Have studied overtime. Through revision of what I have been taught in class, in combination with my personal research, it makes it much easier to remember difficult terminologies and formulas. Through repeated study of each course taught in class for the week, at home, during the weekends, it sticks permanently in my mind. When I need to recall what I have studied before the test, I do so without stress. For each study material I go through during the weekends I rarely forget them, and when called upon, I can with ease explain the subject. In addition to this daily revision, I also do revision a week before my test with past questions and flash cards to have an idea of how the test structure will be and how best to solve them. Revision is one of the key preparation methods that I have used over time.  How to use Flashcards

The three test preparation methods I use are, getting the course outline before the term commences, studying the courses before lectures starts and carrying out revisions which are both daily and weekly. These methods have saved me time and helped me to easily remember subjects I have been taught. It has also helped me to build confidence and given me the needed edge to thrive in my present post-secondary education. I still use them regularly for test preparation.

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