Memory Practice – Part 1

Instructions:   Study the PDF document for 5 minutes.  Then close the file and answer the questions below.


1. What is the name of the African Canadian wanted for fraud?

a. Ryan McPherson
b. Angela Jones
c. Bryson Strong
d. Mike Johnson

2. What Province is the car wanted in connection with armed robbery from?

a. Alberta
b. Quebec
c. British Columbia
d. Ontario

3. What model is the Chevrolet from Alberta?

a. Impala
b. Malibu
c. Caprice
d. Lumina

4. Who is wanted for trafficking?

a. Bryson Strong
b. Mike Johnson
c. Angela Jones
d. Ryan McPherson

5. What is the Mini Cooper wanted for?

a. Stolen vehicle
b. Vehicular homicide
c. Armed Robbery
d. Assault

6. What Province is the Peugeot Coupe from?

a. Alberta
b. Quebec
c. British Columbia
d. Ontario


Study PDF for 5 minutes first

Memory-Recall (PDF)
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Answer Key

1. B
Angela Jones is the Black Canadian.

2. C
The red car

3. A
The Chevrolet model is an Impala.

4. B
Mike Johnson is wanted for trafficking.

5. B
The Mini Cooper is wanted in connection with a vehicular homicide.

6. B
The Peugeot Coupe is from Quebec.

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Date Published: Thursday, August 27th, 2020
Date Modified: Tuesday, June 1st, 2021