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The Miller Analogies Test (Mat) is designed to test students’ suitability to gain admissions into graduate schools in the United States. The test is created and published by Harcourt Assessment, a division of Pearson Education. Students seeking admissions into graduate school programs need to take and pass MAT.
MAT consists of 120 partial analogy questions timed for 60 minutes. 20 questions are pre-test questions that would not be scored.
MAT is available as a computer based test. Tips for Computer Based Tests
Students may retake Mat for as many times as desired. Note that the number of times you retake the test would be reported along with your scores to your desired school or schools.
The average MAT score is 400. Scoring above 410 and as close to 425 as possible is considered a good MAT score. Each school does set its required minimum pass score.
During MAT registration, students specify the schools they are interested in so that their test scores are sent to the schools. A student should contact Pearson if they want their scores sent to schools not initially indicated during registration. There is a fee attached for this service.