My Best Studying Methods

2017 – 2018 Scholarship Entry – Test Preparation Essay
Test Preparation Inc. Scholarship

Best studying Method:

  • Exams are the most stressful thing in every student life however we have to cross this huddle to see the brighter side.

  • From my childhood i always think that we are thrown in ocean were we have to swim pass the huddles and reach the shore for a better life.
  • To break this stressful period of time during education the best way to study is break down the syllabus.
  •  Break the syllabus in sub categories and start writing it down.
  • Choose your favorite highlighter to self motivate yourself to see a colorful page by highlighting topics which you finished studying.
  • Meditate and hydrate yourself.
  • Use pictorial and flowcharts for studying essays and hard topics.
  • Study in groups which will help to grasp different information’s.
  • Reward yourself for the hard work you did.
  • Colorful agendas works  so much . Organizing work and prioritizing will help a lot to attain goals at time.
  • Try teaching yourself or writing it down will help you to remember more information.
  • Highlight and use different kind of pens which will boost up your confidence and make you happy.
  • Designate yourself a place to study.
  • Go through school notes every day after school to top up with class activities and lessons.
  • The most important factor is not to give up. Don’t give up at any cost and always assign a motto to yourself “ I can and I will”
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Date Published: Thursday, July 12th, 2018
Date Modified: Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

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