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2017 – 2018 Scholarship Entry – Test Preparation Essay
Test Preparation Inc. Scholarship

Arianne Stevens
Pueblo, CO

Studying is a challenging task to accomplish sometimes especially if you are someone who gets distracted or bored easily. It can also be an obstacle if you wait until the last minute and try to cram all the information into your brain the day before the exam. At the age of 22 I am guilty of all of these and am still trying to find a way to perfect my studying. (How to Cram - If you have to)

I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong way to study because every person learns differently and is individualistic in the terms of how they can retain information. Personally, I am a hands-on learner and can retain the information better if I do it rather than just read from a textbook and take notes for hours on end. I am also not one who can study and learn in silence

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I have to have some type of background noise, whether it be the television playing or listening to music with earbuds. To prepare for studying I highly suggest making sure you have a full stomach and maybe even have a little snack with you if you need a break during the duration of studying. Also do your best to drink water that way you are hydrated and not caffeinated so much to the point where you can’t focus. Now if you are a hands-on learner such as myself, I suggest making it fun or into a game of some sort so that you are doing rather than sitting and reading. Take the subject that you are studying and trying to apply it to different things that are in your life so that it becomes personal and you have a way to recall it. Go old school and create a matching game or my favorite is to find a playlist of songs or just a single song and create a rhythm from the song according to the subject or notes that you are studying. Make sure it is a song that you are familiar with and one that you can recall while you are taking the test. That way if you begin to play the song in your head you can play the notes back to yourself with the same rhythm as the song. Try to make it as easy as possible, so for example put the hardest information that you need to know at the very start of the song, put the information that you know well and is not as hard into the part that is usually the chorus and then the information that is easier at the end that way you finish strong and feel confident in how you did. Then after you are done with the exam find the song and replay it in your head to the notes and see if you got the answers to your test right and enjoy your favorite song.

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Date Published: Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
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