Learn and Practice Proven multiple choice strategies for Reading Comprehension!

Improve your Vocabulary FAST with powerful vocabulary learning techniques!

If you are preparing for the Nelson Denny, you probably want all the help you can get! Nelson Denny Test Strategy  is your complete guide to answering multiple choice questions!

You will learn:

  • Powerful multiple choice strategies with practice questions  – Learn 15 powerful multiple choice strategies and then practice.
  • Answer key for all practice questions with extensive commentary including tips, short-cuts and strategies.
  • How to prepare for a multiple choice exam – make sure you are preparing properly and not wasting valuable study time!
  • Who does well on multiple choice exams and who does not – and how to make sure you do!
  • How to handle trick questions – usually there are one or two trick questions to separate the really good students from the rest – tips and strategies to handle these special questions.
  • Step-by-step strategy for answering multiple choice – on any subject!
  • Common Mistakes on a Test – and how to avoid them
  • How to avoid test anxiety – how to avoid one of the most common reasons for low scores on a test
  • How to prepare for a test – proper preparation for your exam will definitely boost your score!
  • How to psych yourself up for a test – tips on the the all-important mental preparation!
  • Learn what you must do in the test room

Powerful vocabulary boosting techniques to get you up to speed FAST.  Includes over 250 vocabulary practice questions.



Remember it only a few percentage points divide the PASS from the FAIL students.

Why not do everything you can to increase your score?

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Winning multiple choice strategy for the Nelson Denny reading test. Learn and practice multiple choice strategies for reading comprehension and learn powerful vocabulary boosting methods!

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This book was a great study guide


Great Help in preparation

Great practice tests and good examples put me at ease in preparation for exam. A must have if your taking the test and worried at all.  

Getting Started with the Nelson Denny
Test Strategy 8

Multiple Choice Strategy
Types of Multiple-Choice Questions 12
Multiple-Choice Quick Tips 14
Multiple-Choice Step-by-Step 18

Strategy Practice Questions
Answer Key 41

Reading Comprehension Practice
Answer Key 68

How to Improve your Vocabulary
Meaning in Context 82
The Top 100 Common Vocabulary 92
Stem Words 95
Stem Words Practice Part I 122
Stem Words Practice II 131

How to Prepare for a Test

How to Take a Test
Reading the Instructions 145
How to Take a Test - The Basics 146
In the Test Room 150
Avoid Anxiety Prior to a Test 155
Common Test-Taking Mistakes 157


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