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Security Guards in Ontario are in Demand!

With economic growth, Ontario’s population is growing fast.  With economic growth and population, there are a huge number of new condominium and commercial buildings, as well as new retail.  This growth creates very favourable job opportunities.

Security guards in Ontario make from $16 – $24 / hour.


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Practice Questions

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Practice Questions

License and Eligibility

Security Guards in Ontario are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General and you must pass the test provided by the Ministry.


  • 18 years of age
  • Qualify to work in Canada
  • Criminal record check
  • Complete the Red Cross Emergency First Aid Course
  • Complete a Ministry approved training program and obtain a training completion number

Note:  The clean criminal record qualification does not include ALL criminal offenses, only the most serious.   Full list of offenses that will disqualify you here

How to Register

For general information contact the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch:

Phone: 416-212-1650 or toll-free at 1-866-767-7454
E-mail[email protected]

To Register

Registration is through the ministry’s test delivery agent, Serco DES Inc.:

Note that you must have a training completion number to register

Phone: 1-866-248-2555
E-mail[email protected]

About the Test

The test is a paper and pencil, 60-question, multiple choice format.

The test must be completed in just over 2 hours, 75 minutes for completing the test.


The cost is $66.50 plus HST,  total of $75.15.


You will be notified of your results are within five business days

Passing Score

The passing score is 62 per cent.

Ministry Certified Training Online Course

Get ready for the Ministry test with complete online training!  This comprehensive course includes:

  • Over 80 video lessons with real world examples
  • Hundreds of practice questions and assignments covering all test subjects
  • Talk to course instructors directly in chat, email and by phone
  • Take the course at your pace
  • If you fail, take the course again for free

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Comprehensive Course

  • Introduction to the Industry
  • Private Security and Investigative Services Act
  • Code of Conduct
  • Basic Security
  • Canadian Legal System
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Emergency Response Prep
  • Health and Safety
  • Use of Force
  • Writing Reports
  • Sensitivity Training

What Students Say


“Fantastic course really hard to pick just a couple of sections that stood out. I enjoyed them all and found them all to be highly informative and useful. The Instructors and the information so greatly appreciated. I can picture myself doing this job as I was going through the course. Thank you!”

“A very good variety of videos and written material I feel the course lends itself to people who have different learning modes ie. (visual, oral and written). I would refer this course to friends because of the variety and the ability to correct your answers to the questions is very helpful in learning and reviewing.”

“The course had many different topics and I had the opportunity to learn about things which I would not only apply as a security guard but generally in life.”

“The course was well organized and did a great job at prepping me to start working in the industry. It also helped me achieve a 93% on my exam.”