Increase your Score on the Florida Post-Secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)

PERT Mathematics

Topics covered in the Math section:

• Algebra
• Simple geometry and measurement
• Operations with polynomials
• Solving Inequalities
• Linear equations with one and two variables
• Solving quadratics
• Coordinate geometry

Reading Comprehension

Types of reading comprehension questions that generally appear on the PERT.

• Draw logical conclusions
• Identify the main idea
• Identify secondary ideas
• Identify the author’s intent
• Summarizing
• Identify tone
• Distinguish between fact and opinion

PERT Reading Comprehension Practice


Types of writing skills topics likely to appear on the PERT.

• English grammar
• English usage
• Punctuation
• Subject – verb agreement
• Sentence structure

English Practice and Essay Tips

English Usage - 15 questions English Grammar - 20 questions Punctuation - 12 questions Essay Writing Tips and Tutorials

Practice the PERT

2 Sets of PERT Practice Test Questions including, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Writing and more.


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PERT Practice Test Questions, Prepared by our Dedicated Team of Experts!

Practice Test Questions for:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • English Grammar
  • Geometry
  • English Usage
  • Algebra

Practice Tests are one of the best ways to study!

Practice tests are a critical self-assessment tool, and one of the most effective ways
to study.

Practice tests can help you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam format
  • Familiarize yourself with the types of questions
  • Build self confidence
  • Practice exam time management
  • Reduce exam anxiety

Do Everything you can to Pass the PERT!

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