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  • Practice Tests familiarize you with the exam format and types of questions, giving you more confidence when you take the exam.
  • Practice tests are a critical self-assessment tool that reveals your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice tests allow you to practice your exam time management – a critical exam-writing skill that can easily improve your grade substantially.
  • Practice tests reduce test anxiety, one of the main reasons for low marks on an exam.  Hundreds of questions with detailed solutions and explanations to improve your understand of the basic concepts behind the questions.
  • If you are taking the Post Secondary Readiness Test  – the 2 PERT Practice Tests are an essential part of studying and passing!

Each PERT Practice Test Contains:

Reading Comprehension including:

  • Discerning and summarizing
  • Supporting or challenging assertions
  • Determining meaning of phrases and words
  • Analyzing meaning, tone, word choices and organizational structure
  • Determining author’s purpose and relation of events
  • Recognizing relationships between sentences
  • Analyzing traits, thoughts and motivations of characters in text
  • Analyzing how texts with different styles or arguments address similar themes or topics
  • Distinguishing between opinions and facts
  • Evaluating reasoning of an argument

Mathematics including:

  • Equations
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Polynomials
  • Dividing by monomials and binomials
  • Standard algorithms
  • Coordinate planes
  • Simultaneous linear equations in two variables

Writing including:

  • Sustaining focus of argument
  • Establishing thesis or topic
  • Conventions of written English grammar, mechanics and usage
  • Illustrating and supporting explanations and arguments
  • Developing and maintaining writing tone and style
  • Synthesizing information received from different relevant sources
  • Conveying information coherently and clearly
  • Accurate citing of opinions, data and conclusions of others
  • Establishing substantive claim and acknowledging competing information or arguments
  • Conceptual and organizational skills
  • Word choice skills
  • Sentence structure skills
  • Grammar, capitalization , punctuation and spelling skills

OVER 400 Practice Questions with detailed answer explanations and step-by-step solutions.

Study Mistakes (or why listen to us?)

If you are like most people you have probably made some of these fatal study mistakes:

Study Mistake #1 – Scavenger hunts online to find ‘free’ test questions. We have all done this and really know what happens – hours and hours of surfing, pages and pages of print outs, missing pages, questionable results, and hours of wasted time that you could have spent studying!

Consider this – What is your hourly rate? How much time did you spend trolling the Internet and what did you really get? If you are like most people, when you really look at what you got, you are disappointed.

If you are like most people you start out doing an PERT practice test questions scavenger hunt and then quick realize it is a complete waste of time, so you buy the 2 PERT Practice Tests and start practicing right away.

Study Mistake #2 – Studying everything that could possibly be on the test. Many students start off trying this and I did too. And if you are like most people, you start off with high hopes of studying EVERYTHING but quickly realize it is impossible to study everything.

Study Mistake #3 – traditional test preparation methods. Consider this – if smart people who know their stuff still fail, then something must be wrong with the ‘traditional’ way of doing things.

You are right and yes there is! Taking a big test, and your private school admissions riding on the results is pretty stressful and even if you know your stuff you can still fail. Which in itself is a pretty scary thought!

You want a complete guide to the PERT practice test package.

Imagine how you would feel if you took arrived at the PERT exam and freaked out and couldn’t think straight! This is no joke and it happens to lots of people – BUT it doesn’t have to happen to you!

Other study mistakes – freaking out, procrastinating, delay, denial, leaving it to the last minute …. maybe you have a few more to add to my list!

You want to avoid all these Study Mistakes! And why take a chance when your admissions is on the line?

Why take chances? Doesn’t it make sense to do everything possible to pass the PERT exam?

PERT Practice Tests!

TWO sets of practice test questions covering all test content! Full answer key with detailed step-by-step explanations. Test tips, multiple choice strategy and more!

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PERT Practice Tests!

TWO sets of practice test questions covering all test content! Full answer key with detailed step-by-step explanations. Test tips, multiple choice strategy and more!

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