PRAXIS Middle School Math Subject Area Test

About the Test 

Fee: $120
Computer- based exam – tips for taking a computer exam

Test Content

55 selected response and numeric entry questions

Arithmetic and algebra (62%)

Geometry and data (38%)

Topics include:

  • Numbers and operations,
  • Basic Algebra
  • Functions and Graphs,
  • Geometry and Measurement,
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Discrete Mathematics

2 hour exam duration

Exams are only administered in English

Passing score information varies by location. Information can be found here:

Exam locations can be found here:

Register for an exam admission ticket on the Praxis website,

Contact ETS at least three days before exam date.

Payment methods include: Credit/debit Card and PayPal

Fee waivers are available for college students receiving financial aid, within certain income ranges.

These can be found here:

It is advised you arrive thirty minutes before exam time

Bring ID

Photo and signature

Complete name and signature of ID must match the registered name exactly


Driver’s license with DPS renewal certificate

Bring printed admission ticket

Electronic items are not permitted

Test scores are available 10-6 business days after the testing window closes.

Some exams provide unofficial score reports upon completion of the exam.

Your official score report will become available on your MY Praxis account.


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