Our policy is to work together with customers for a fair resolution of any issues. As we use paypal for our credit card processing, our returns policy is very similar to paypal’s policy, and we are required to work under the rules and policy that Paypal makes.

Virtual and Downloadable Products.

The key issue with paypal, and ourselves, is you are purchasing a download, which is classed as a ‘virtual’ product by paypal. Unlike returning a toaster to Walmart, the problem that we have, and paypal has, is that we don’t know, and have no way of knowing, if you downloaded, read through the document, did all the practice questions, and now want a refund so that you can have the use of the document AND the money.  I am sure you can see the problem and why refunds on downloads are tricky.

If you make a purchase and then decide that you don’t want it – it is very important that you NOT download the file. If you download the file, which is tracked by the server, then it is more complicated to give you a refund.

Please talk to us before launching a dispute with paypal or you may find that the issue has moved out of our control and you will be forced to live with a decision by paypal dispute resolution which does not favor virtual products.

If you purchase a downloadable product, and then ask for a full refund because "I don’t like it," "It’s not what I thought" or similar that may work at Walmart with a toaster, but it won’t work with a download because you have already opened the file. Please ask us questions before purchase, and read through our web pages where all of our products are described in great detail.

Buyer Protection.

Paypal’s Terms of Service do not cover downloads or ‘virtual products.’ You may confirm this by referring to your original receipt from paypal which says something like, "This purchase not eligible for Buyer Protection." If you initiate a dispute with paypal they will most likely take 30 days and then deny your request for a refund. It is possible they will give you a refund, but very unlikely. This is paypal’s policy not ours.

Please make sure that you understand what you are purchasing before you purchase it! We are available all the time on email to answer any questions.

A Fair Compromise.

Generally in cases where customers are not happy, for whatever reason, we will offer a 50% refund, if they can tell us what they would like to see and how we can improve our products.

Be Nice!

We are happy to speak with you and want you to be satisfied and will work with you for a fair resolution of any issues. Please be aware that making threats, insults, disparaging our products, or giving ultimatums will not change our behavior and the most likely result will be that we discontinue communicating with you. Being a student and writing exams is stressful and we know! Find a constructive outlet for your stress and then talk to us!


We will consider any suggestions for future versions. All of our products are updated with new information, tips and questions frequently. If you have a suggestion that you feel would be helpful to other students, please contact us and we will consider a partial refund or bounty.

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