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About the Test

The Specialized High Schools Admissions (SHSAT) tests are organized and administered by the New York Department of Public High School Education. The exam is used to determine meeting entry requirements of Specialized High Schools in New York Exam Structure and Content To pass the test, students should be able to solve each problem, usually story problems, and explain how the problems were solved. Third graders should be able to solve problems relating to fraction and decimals, weigh objects with scale in grams and kilograms and also be able to calculate dollar amounts. Sixth graders should be able to use rulers. Protractors and scales understand the perfect squares, powers and square roots as well as understand and use data, tables and graph, coordinating grids and plotting points.


•  Students must reside in New York

•  Candidates must be 8th or 9th graders who meet the personal requirements


•  Registration for the SHSAT test is done through the candidate’s school

•  Candidates will receive an SHSAT Admission Ticket that will enable them to gain entry to the exam/audition venue

•  Candidates will also have to fill and submit a New York City Public High School Admissions Application

•  For more information see registration guidelines or the exam handbook

Exam Structure

•  The exam is made up of multiple choice questions  – How to answer multiple choice

•  The exam is timed for 2 hours 30 minutes – How to Manage your Time on a Test

What’s on the Test

•  The exam has 2 sections,  verbal and mathematics sections

•  The mathematics section is made up of 50 multiple choice questions

•  The verbal section of the exam is made up of 45 multiple choice questions comprised as follows:

30 questions in Reading Comprehension

10 Logical Reasoning questions

5 Scrambled Paragraph sets

Other Information

•  The scores are scaled between 200 and 800

•  There are no penalties for wrong answers

•  Results are released in February

•  Minimum cut-off score varies from school to school

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