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Taking the Upper Level SSAT?

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SSAT Exam Study Guide and Practice Tests

How to Pass the SSAT

Exam Information
There are two levels for this test, the Lower level for students still in grades five to seven and the Upper level designed for students in grades eight to eleven. The test itself is comprised of two parts. The first part is a brief essay part where students are required to write a short essay on a topic provided. The second part is multiple-choice questions in math, verbal, reading and comprehension. There are five test areas.

The test is not restricted to a particular State, but is applicable for entry in any private high school in the United States and Canada. Like the SAT, and some other entry exams, SSAT has test centers in various parts of the World. The test is conducted only in English. Official site of the SSAT is here.

SSAT Test Preparation & Study Tips

This test has two parts: an essay question, and a multiple-choice math questions.

The SSAT is a General Aptitude test which measures your ability to learn, rather than your knowledge.
Test tips for the SSAT