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Registration for the TABE is through the test center nearest you.

You must be 15 years old to take the test.

On test day you are required to bring government issued identification to enter the exam room.


You are required to pay a $70 fee to write the exam. If you fail the test, you must pay the exam fee again when you re-take the test.

TABE Calculators
Calculators Permitted on the TABE

What’s on the Test

The test contains a total of 100 multiple choice questions.

The TABE exam is a computer based exam, composed of four sections,

Reading    25 Questions     25 Minutes

Computational Math     25 Questions     15 Minutes

Applied Math     25 Questions     25 minutes

Language      25 Questions     25 minutes



There are two different math sections  on the TABE, computational and applied math.   This is a computer based test and calculators are provided for the applied math section because it contains more complex questions which can’t be solved without calculators.

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Complete TABE Study Guide with Practice Questions

Includes hundreds of pages of Tutorials, Self-Assessments, 2 sets of practice test questions for reading, computational math, applied math, English grammar, usage, punctuation and more!

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Study Practice Course

Complete TABE Study Practice APP (online course) - Study and Practice Anywhere - Any Time! Tutorials, self assessments, test tips, practice questions, timed tests, quizzes and more!

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Getting Started
How this study guide is organized 7
The TABE® Study Plan 8
Making a Study Schedule 8

Self-Assessment 18
Answer Key 27
Help with Reading Comprehension 30
Main Idea, Topic and Supporting Details 33

Computational Mathematics
Self-Assessment 42
Answer Key 49
Fraction Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 51
Decimal Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 56
Percent Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 57
Exponents: Tips, Shortcuts & Tricks 59
How to Answer Basic Math Multiple Choice 60
Order Of Operation 64

Applied Mathematics
Self-Assessment 70
Answer Key 76
How to Solve Word Problems 80
Types of Word Problems 83
Ratios 92
Pythagorean Geometry 98

Self-Assessment 105
Answer Key 118
English Grammar & Punctuation Tutorials 122
Grammar Multiple Choice - Verb Tense 128
Common English Usage Mistakes 145
Subject Verb Agreement 152

Practice Test Questions Set 1
Answer Key 209

Practice Test Questions Set 2
Answer Key 271


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