Complete Test Preparation Inc. partners with Eco Libris to balance titles

ecosticker_forprint_100 treesComplete Test Preparation Inc. is pleased to announce our partnership with Eco-Libris to plant 400 trees have been planted using the highest ecological and sustainable standards in Latin America (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Belize, Honduras) and Africa (Malawi), where deforestation is a crucial problem. Eco-Libris administers the project by working with partners in developing countries who make sure that the trees are planted where they provide significant value for both the environment and the local communities. 

The program is now being rolled out to new titles every month. as a way to showcase their commitment to environmental sustainability.

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How to Cram – or, How to Ace the Exam That’s Just Around the Corner

CramSheila has an exam coming up in Advanced Biology.  It had been announced weeks ago, but she has a full course load.  She studies every night for several hours, and sometimes she gets overwhelmed with all she has to do.  And that’s the problem:  She is so overwhelmed that she completely forgot about the Advanced Bio exam until today. Now it’s tomorrow and she has to study–FAST. Continue reading “How to Cram – or, How to Ace the Exam That’s Just Around the Corner” »

Pros and Cons of Studying with a Computer

The question of whether a computer can help students in high school or college was settled long ago. It’s nearly impossible to find a student who doesn’t use a PC to help him type papers or look up things in encyclopedias. But what about major study sessions? The traditional form of studying has consisted mostly of pulling out your textbook and class notes and sitting at your desk or on your bed and trying to memorize as much as possible.
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How to Prepare for a Test – The Ultimate Guide

ExamWhen faced with an exam most students hide their heads and procrastinate hoping that somehow they will be spared the agony of taking a test – particularly a big one that their future relies on. Avoiding the all important test is what many students do best and unfortunately they suffer the consequences because of lack of preparation. Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Test – The Ultimate Guide” »

Growth Jobs in the NEW Economy

Growth Careers and the New Economy

So much has changed in so little time regarding America’s growth careers.  Not so long ago, newspaper reporters, online retailers, auto workers, and retail managers were all hot prospects.  That was before last September.  When the economy crashed, it completely rewrote the book on where the career possibilities are.  As newspapers went out of business, as banks folded, as auto makers teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, more and more young people wondered:  Can I still find a worthwhile job in this economy, and make decent money? Continue reading “Growth Jobs in the NEW Economy” »

Common Mistakes Made on a Test


We all know that tests are not much fun and when we take a test and make a stupid mistake we can be really upset – especially when it is something that could have been easily avoided. So what are some of the common mistakes that are made on tests that we should try to avoid whenever possible? Continue reading “Common Mistakes Made on a Test” »

Taking Notes: Split-Page Method

While thorough notes are a vital part of making good grades, many students do not know how to take notes. Note taking is not a skill you are born with, but one that you learn. Unfortunately, most instructors assume that previous instructors have taught students study skills and how to take good notes. There are many ways to organize your notes, and the split-page method is one of the most popular.  For more information about learning effective study skills, try our post on how to study. Continue reading “Taking Notes: Split-Page Method” »

Taking Notes: Outline Method

Taking notes is not a skill that comes naturally to many students, but it is also not a skill that is taught in many classrooms. Note Taking is one of the most important study skills for High School Students and College Students. Because note taking is so important to educational success, it is important that students learn proper methods for taking thorough notes. The outline method of note taking is one that will look familiar to many students.
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Classroom Activities for Teaching Study Skills

As a teacher, your teaching strategy should always be creative to ensure that your students find learning in school an exciting activity. You can add or incorporate a study skill activity  in every class session. For variety, you can include a unique classroom activity in every class period to motivate and improve your studentslearning capabilities.  This can include a study skills lesson plan and a taking notes lesson plan.

Preparing for various study skills activities

can be very challenging as you need to work out imaginative ways to ensure that your students learn from the activity. Each of your class periods should integrate a study skill activity to enable your students to develop their own good study habits. A classroom activity should consider the three factors detailed below. Continue reading “Classroom Activities for Teaching Study Skills” »