How to Answer Analogy Questions

Quick List of Solving Analogy Strategy

1. Practice Practice Practice!   See practice questions here

2. Give an exact answer!  Objective not subjective.  Your subjective answer is not going to be the correct answer!  See below for examples.

3. Learn the main types of relationships.   See below for a complete list

4. Read the given analogy in a sentence.   For example, Given A, is related to Given B, in the same way Choice #1 A, is related to Choice #1 B.

5. Switch the order of the choices given.

Verbal analogies can be tricky for anyone, which is why it is important to have strategies to have a better chance of choosing the correct answer. Many College Entrance Exams and High School tests, especially the Nelson Denny Exam have large Verbal Analogy sections.  Catholic High School Entrance Exam, including the HSPT, TACHS, COOP, Upper Level SSAT and ISEE all have verbal analogy sections as well.  The following verbal analogies strategies will help you to excel with these types of tests and/or problems: Continue reading “How to Answer Analogy Questions” »