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The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) test is designed for adults looking for a high school diploma equivalent. It can be used to seek employment or to qualify to return back to school. The test measure knowledge in five subtest areas, which are Social Studies, Writing, Reading, Science, and Math.
TASC are administered in approved community colleges, adult education centers and schools.
In total, TASC takes about eight and half hours to complete. The exam is normally administered in two days. The test measure knowledge in five subtest areas, which are Social Studies (75 minutes), Writing (110 minutes), Reading (85 minutes), Science (75 minutes), Math Part 1 (55 minutes) and Math Part II (50 minutes).
TASC is available as a computer-based test (with a writing section) and as a paper/pencil test.
Results from the TASC computer based test is available between three and 24 hours, while results for the paper/pencil test would normally take about 10 business days.
Candidates can register for TASC online.
The minimum pass score for each of the five TASC subtest is 500. Candidates are said to have successfully passed TASC when they have met the minimum pass requirement of each of the five subtests.
Students would only be allowed to use a calculator for the Math Part I section. Was this helpful?