Test Prep – Try to Enjoy What you are Doing

2017 – 2018 Scholarship Entry – Test Preparation Essay
Test Preparation Inc. Scholarship

Chloe Wells

My best study tip for any student would be to never study to the point that you no longer enjoy what you are learning! Especially as I have entered university I have realized that I chose my area of study because I am genuinely interested in and excited by the information I am learning. It can be really easy to lose track of that once you are really in it; especially in the subjects that are specifically challenging for you or that you feel don’t entirely relate to what you want to be doing.

Studying for tests can be one of the instances that can make it really difficult to remember that you should actually be enjoying what you’re doing! The two facets to my study approach are first: mental and second: practical. In the mental facet I have two mantras “you are not learning information for a test, you are learning information to expand your knowledge in an area that interests you and the test will just be able to give you feedback on where you are at with it” and secondly “if you are not enjoying what you are learning then you have lost track of the reason you have chosen to be there”. I find these two thought processes can be a great way to put yourself in a really positive mindset and lead to being able to obtain a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of the material as opposed to just a memorization of facts or formulas.

The practical facet of my studying approach includes things that you can do more tangibly to advance your studying. First is to be realistic and specific about your studying goals; schedule the times you are going to study and choose clear cut and reasonable tasks for each time slot. This way you won’t waste any time figuring out what you need to do and you can feel accomplished when you are able to know you completed what you were supposed to. Second is to teach what you have learned to someone else. One of my absolute favourite ways to study is to sit down with someone else who is also studying for the same thing and to ask them about concepts you may be unclear on as well as answer any questions they might have.

I have found actually vocalizing your knowledge is the best way to find out where you may be little shaky and where you’re doing well.  You will also find that you will gain a way more concrete understanding of the things you know when you get the opportunity to explain them to someone else. Having a dynamic conversation about the material also helps to keep it from becoming stale information and  remaining something that interests you. My last study tip is to allow yourself to have time free from studying!

Schedule yourself to do things you enjoy outside of school and with others so that you have a separation between the time you should be studying and the time you allow yourself to not be worrying about it. This works to eliminate the constant nagging feeling that you should be working and actually helps to cut down on procrastination.

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Date Published: Friday, July 13th, 2018
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