The Guaranteed Two Step Process

2017 – 2018 Scholarship Entry – Test Preparation Essay
Test Preparation Inc. Scholarship

Jason Kuhnow
Halifax Nova Scotia

The Guaranteed Two Step Process

I have prepared for a lot of different tests in my life time. And I have many more to go. I have completed a bachelor and master degree with many exams. I have studied and successfully passed the MCAT exam. I have studied for and passed my comprehensive written and practical exams to be certified as a physiotherapist. Over all this time I had to perfect my studying style and tricks otherwise I would have never made it this far. Now I will be starting my Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree which will be some of the most intense studying and testing I have yet to encounter in my life. Want to know what my secret is? Videos and a white board! Please allow me to explain my two-step process.

I see many of my friends, class mates and colleagues studying by trying to just re write notes or review their text books. The problem with this very historical style of studying is that it does not engage all of your senses. There are many studies available now that show that the more senses you engage the more likely you are to learn and understand a concept when studying. This is the reason that I use videos. The beautiful thing is that almost any type of information you want to find is available for free on various video streaming services. I have studied for the MCAT which a test of some of the broadest science concepts including physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, biochemistry, and psychology exclusively using videos on YouTube. The educational videos available are great because you get visual input, auditory input, reading text and they are usually interactive in a problem-solving nature.

It is said that when you truly understand a concept you should be able to explain it in depth to anyone. As if you were a teacher. So, my second step in this process was to draw out whenever possible the structures, formulas or descriptions of the concept I’m learning on my huge white board. While doing this I will talk out loud exactly as if I was teaching a class of students about the topic of interest. By explaining the concept, it means you have the base knowledge necessary and this process while solidify it in your thinking process. This is actually the essential step for ensuring the information is imprinted appropriately and it is reproducible as needed.

So now you know my studying secrets. One use videos that provide visual, written, auditory and interactive content to learn the concept. Then recreate the concept on a white board as if you were teaching it to a class of students. If you follow these two simple studying techniques you will be able to master any topic.

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Date Published: Friday, July 13th, 2018
Date Modified: Thursday, July 4th, 2019

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