What’s on the Watson Glaser

The Watson Glaser Test places focus on the acronym, ‘RED’ in its process of assessing critical thinking;

  • Recognize assumptions
  • Evaluate arguments
  • Draw conclusions


Evaluating Arguements

Evaluating arguments is done by looking at an argument from an impartial and detached perspective, and analyzing evidence in support of the case.

Evaluating Argument Practice (Sentence Logic)

Evaluating Arguments Tutorial

Watson Glaser Test Free Practice Test Questions

You Receive
  • 2 full-length Watson-Glaser style tests
  • 7 Inference drills
  • 5 Deduction drills
  • 8 Arguments drills
  • 4 Interpretation drills
  • 3 Assumptions drills

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Drawing Conclusions

A series of short sentences, or premises are given and students must select from a series of 4 statements as to which is true, given the premises.

Drawing Conclusions Practice Questions (Verbal Reasoning)