ABout the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (CAT)

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is also known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (CAT). This exam is not a measure of how smart you are, but rather how well you are prepared for it.  Many fire departments in the US use this Wonderlic test for their recruitment process

The WPT is best known for being the standard for cognitive ability assessment for NFL players during draft season.

It is a short, fast-paced test that comes in a quick (WPT-Q) and a full version (WPT-R), both aimed to assess your ability to follow instructions, work under pressure, and solve problems.

The Wonderlic Firefighter Test is one of the most popular uses for this test.

Working with Time Limits

Aptitude tests measures your cognitive abilities, but the toughest thing about it is its time limit: You have only 12 minutes to answer 50 questions.

Each test should be answered in a pre-determined amount of time (12 minutes for WPT and 8 minutes for WPT-Q). The full version awards each question 1 point, and the quick test awards each question 1.66 points. Skipping a question or answering incorrectly earns you zero points.

Note – every candidate who takes the quick Wonderlic Exam (WPT-Q), will be later asked to also take the full Wonderlic test (WPT or WPT-R).  Time Management on a Test

What the difference between an aptitude and achievement test

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Average Wonderlic Scores

The average Wonderlic Test score is usually 20 to 21, roughly equivalent to an IQ of 100. The maximum and minimum scores are 50 and 10 respectively, in which a score of 10 usually indicates illiteracy, or a person which is barely literate.

However, the average target score of a given Wonderlic Test depends on the position one is applying for. Here are a few average test scores by profession, according to the official Wonderlic Group

The most famous Wonderlic Test scores are those of American football players (especially in the NFL). The best and worst football-related Wonderlic scores are published continually on sports news websites, and provide some indication as to a player’s past, present and future success (and even his tendency to be arrested).

Wonderlic Score Report

Scoring 24 to 26 puts the candidate in a “cautionary” zone (yellow), and scoring 23 and below is in the ‘not recommended’ zone (red).

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