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The GED certification qualifies an individual for High School equivalency (High School Diploma) in the US and Canada.  It is used extensively in Ontario and Alberta. The Canadian GED is equivalent to the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate and the Alberta Certificate of School Completion.

Successful completion of the General Education Development Test places the candidate with the top 40% of high school seniors.

The US and Canada GED are slightly different – The Canadian version has questions on Canadian History and Canadian Government.

More detailed information on the GED and the American Council on Education Homepage.


Who can take the GED?

Can anybody take it?



You must be at least 16 years of age. There is a separate test for Canadians and Americans. You will need to check with your local Testing Center (Ontario, Alberta etc. ) for specifications of test fees and registration procedures which can vary a little according to the jurisdiction.



What is on the GED?

I am having difficulty understanding what is on the test



  • There are 5 sub tests
  • Social Studies (History and Government – Canadian or US)
  • Language arts, writing,
  • Language arts, reading
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts, Writing — 50 multiple choice questions, one essay — 1 hour, 5 minutes
  • Social Studies — 50 multiple choice questions — 2 hours (75 min. for multiple choice, 45 min. for essay)
  • Science — 50 multiple choice questions — 1 hour 30, minutes
  • Language Arts, Reading — 40 multiple choice questions — 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Mathematics — 50 multiple choice questions — 1 hour 10 minutes.



What is a good score on the GED?

What is a passing score?



  • The score report is a total of all the five tests along with its average.
  • Maximum Score – 800 which will put the individual among the top 1%.
  • Individual Test Section – Above 410
  • Overall Test Section – 450
  • Each correct answer is worth 1 point
  • Passing scores are determined by the jurisdiction of your test center.


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  1. Hi, I´m not really sure if I understand, but does the person need to be a native American or a Canadian citizen to be able to take this test? Or can it be anyone from around the world?. Thank you.


  2. Hey, I was curious about if this was an online test or if i go to a place in my city for it? How long is prep usually for the test? I am also getting an educational evaluation soon enough, if i come up to have a learning disability is there aids in place for me ?

    1. Hello – you cannot take the GED online! Any website that offers a GED certificate online is a fraud. Your test preparation time will depend on how well you understand the material. Yes there are accommodations for student with disability/challenges. Talk to your school or college.

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