CHSPE Math Workbook – PDF Download


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Complete CHSPE Math Workbooks with 100’s of practice questions, tutorials, test tips and more!

Tutorials and Practice Questions for:

  • Numbers and Operation
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Data, Statistics and Probability
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • And a Lot more!

Over 200 CHSPE® math practice questions, prepared by a dedicated team of exam experts, with detailed answer key, Math shortcuts, tips and tricks, tutorials and multiple choice strategies!

CHSPE® Math Practice Questions and Tutorials for:

Numbers and Operation

  • Scientific Notation
  • Estimation
  • Order of Operation
  • Simply exponents and radicals


Patterns and Algebra

  • – Calculate the slope of a line
  • – Solve real world problems with ratio and proportion
  • – Analyze and calculate linear relationships
  • – Identify linear equations from a graph
  • – Solve problems involving patterns
  • – Identify and solve quadratic equations given values or graphs ‘
  • – Solve quadratic and linear equations
  • – Translate real world problems into quadratic equa­tions and solve


Data, Statistics and Probability

  • – Analyze and draw inferences from a set of data
  • – Make predictions based on data
  • – Calculate permutations and combinations
  • – Calculate dispersion and central tendency
  • – Calculate simple probability


Measurement and Geometry

  • – Calculate perimeter, circumference and volume
  • – Use scale on a map to calculate distances
  • – Solve problems using the Pythagorean theorem
  • – Determine geometric transformations
  • – Solve real world problems using the properties of geometric shapes

CHSPE® is a registered trademark of American Council on Education Corporation, who are not involved in the production of, and do not endorse this publication.

You also receive:

  • – Math Multiple Choice Strategy
    – How to Study for a Math Test
    – How to make a CHSPE® study plan
    – How to Take a Test

CHSPE Online Course


Complete online CHSPE practice with practice tests . Includes tutorials, quizzes, timed tests, test prep, and self-assessments.


Includes practice questions in

  • Mathematics
  • Reading comprehension
  • English grammar
  • Geometry
  • English usage
  • Algebra

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  1. I like it and I love how it has all the explanation for each part !!

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